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Some Steps to Choose a Trustworthy Transcription Service

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Slightly, transcribing a text is often considered an easy job. Yes, everybody can just write or type down a text after hearing it in the form of audio recording. Moreover, it is if the text uses your own language. But in fact, it is not as easy as it seems.…

Things to Prepare In Transcribing Texts in Foreign Languages

In Category: Audio Transcription

Transcription is a kind of jobs or activities that are often considered difficult by many people. Moreover, it is if the text to transcript uses a foreign language. Sure, there must be an ability to understand the language so that the transcription process can be done more smoothly. For this…

4 Things to Do in Finding a Professional Transcription Service

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Are you looking for transcription services Seattle? There must be so many services around. However, it is suggested not to choose one of them randomly without doing some small investigations before. Particularly to transcript important documents, you must make sure that the results will be good and accurate. If it is…

Things a Professional Transcriber Must Have

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What are the audio transcription services in Delhi ? Transcription can be simply defined as a process to change the text forms from the spoken to the written one. The spelling, phonemes, and other elements are also changed from sounds to letters. Indeed, if you see it from the perspective of linguistics, transcription is…

Tips to Choose a Professional Video Transcription Service

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  Video Transcription Service In workplace and academic areas, the video transcription service is often needed. It is mainly if your job and study are in the field of language. Well, if there is no time or good capability in transcribing texts by yourself, it is not bad for sure to hire…

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